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ATPL (Aradhyam Trading Pvt Ltd)

Aradhyam Trading Pvt Ltd (ATPL) is leading IT Company which focuses to work in Power Solution, Complete IT Infra, Security & Surveillance, AMC’s and IT Rental Services and provide services to end customer, with edicated professional team.

We are an independent firm of Consultants and Technical specialists offering a wide range of services. We serve clients at every level of their organization, in every capacity, whether as a consultants to top management or as a hands-on trainer for front line employees.

We have implementation specialists who work directly with clients over periods to help improve operational working, and apply new working methods & skills. Our Technologists develop prototypes; build custom software and apps, and helps in integration and migration in clients’ existing technology platforms. Our Data experts build and maintain advanced data models that allow our clients, to generate insights and make better, faster decisions.

We will provide you professional services at very affordable prices. ATPL is a pool of highly skilled professionals in various fields with their unprecedented commitment and talent to meet its Clients’ needs of IT solutions across the area. Our expert at ATPL find for you what others are doing in your industry and offers you a complete IT related solutions to make strategic decision. The advice offered by experts take into account your budget, who your customers are, and what your business is all about.

We are truly specialized in serving our various esteemed clients from diverse Industries. We have been enabling businesses to apply technology to bring total transformation in all aspect of their functioning. Here in ATPL, we have always put great emphasis on creativity, innovation geared with Client’s requirement and satisfaction. We are also guided by our panel of highly experienced advisors from across the globe to continuously improve our performance. Our commitment, dedication and professionalism have turned us as trusted partner for our clients. ATPL as the name suggests, refers to “Ek Nayi Suruvaat”, an without doubt this is the primary motto of our company.

Our Core Competence


To help our clients unlock the potential of global delivery, by building world-class extended teams.

We provides end to end business solutions that leverage technology. Our success is built on continuous innovation.

We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge.


The mission of Aradhyam Trading Pvt Ltd (System Integrator) is to help our clients with Information Technology services of outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, delivering the best solutions to fully satisfy client objectives in information technology, business processes and management.

Our Goals

We at Aradhyam Trading Pvt Ltd (ATPL) have the following goals.

Customers, by delivering IT solutions on time and with in budget thus, helping them enhance their customer focus and their competitiveness in the market.

Alliance partners, by working closely with them to create win-win situations in all business associations.

Staff members, by creating the best work environment, providing challenging assignments and opportunities to constantly update their technical expertise.

Shareholders, by continuously increasing their return on investment.


➤ One Stop Solution.
➤ Consultancy Support.
➤ Specialist in identifying Business Pain.
➤ Solution provider.
➤ Planned Execution.
➤ Effective Implementation of plans.
➤ Timely deployments.
➤ Consumer Support.

Market Strategy

➤ We believe in connecting the technologies for future and present requirements.
➤ Understand the Client Infra-structure and requirement and proposing the new technology with keeping future requirement in mind is our USP.
➤ Focus on converged solution for data and voice.
➤ Reduce carbon foot-print i.e using low power consumption device.
➤ Giving value for money solution to organization.
➤ Single vendor for all your IT related requirements.

Value Edition for Client

Identify problems and opportunities
➤ Security : Most valuable assets of a company now a days is its Data. We help you to identify the data leakage , its prevention and block the loopholes for future.
➤ Voice : Although everyone have mobile numbers but still desktop phones are more reliable and safe. He helps our customers to design the voice communication solution more secured, integrated and future proof. With work from home/BYOD concept booming everyone need a solution where everyone can be reached at any point of time by the mean of Voice / Instant messaging / Mails / fax. We provides the solution with all along with security.
➤ Data Storage and Virtualization: Data storage space requirement is increasing day by day and keeping them in systematic way is challenge. We help clients to manage the same in hybrid mode i.e. on premises and on cloud.
➤ Authorization and Accounting: We helps our client to identify the physical security issues and get them rectified with state of art IP surveillance solution. Biometric access is one more pain area where client have multiple office and wants a single portal to control all. We help them to do so.

Personal Strengths

Being a Middle level company
We have following head count in India :​

➤ Technical Personnel : 4 Inhouse , 10 Outsources.
➤ Sales Personnel : 4 Inhouse and 10 partners as extended hand.
➤ Supporting staff : 2 Inhouse.
➤ Finances: We are strongly backed by a NRI based in Dubai.

Presence :

➤ In India we have presence in Delhi , Kolkata , Bangalore and Mumbai.
➤ Out Side India, We have presence at Nairobi-Kenya, Dubai – UAE , Lagos Nigeria , Doha-Qatar , Kampala – Rawanda.

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